Why Do You Need Us?

Most high net worth clients currently work with an attorney, an accountant, an insurance agent and an investment professional. These clients have been provided with many of the ingredients of a financial plan such as wills, trusts, insurance, business agreements, tax advice, investment advice, etc.

So why do you need us? The answer may surprise you. We have found that the savings between having these things done and having them done well, can be substantial to you and your family. These savings are the result of extensive planning in six major areas. Our unique 6-step process allows us to work in conjunction with your other advisors making sure that everything is done to accomplish your needs.

This is in no way a negative reflection on the expertise or competence of your current advisors. It is, however, a fact that each one of these advisors typically looks at your financial situation, goals and objectives from a narrow perspective borne out of their inherently and systematically specialized areas of expertise.

We, on the other hand, consider your ultimate goals, dreams and desires, as well as those of your family. We listen closely to you, assess your goals and incorporate your legacy desires and, ultimately, the totality of your current and future assets in a comprehensive, global manner.

We take this information and provide you with a comprehensive plan that includes estate, business continuation, income tax and investment planning, fringe benefit, charitable and legacy planning. We then collaborate with your current advisors to ensure the implementation of such plans in a manner that will meet and exceed your expectations. We help to make your goals, dreams and desires a reality.

We make your goals, dreams, and desires a reality. 



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