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ICON has created and utilizes a 6-step planning process which focuses on the major areas of your personal and business situation. The steps are as follows:

Estate Planning

We work with attorneys who will review all of your current legal documents and provide their findings. At this time, we will begin gathering the necessary data from you which includes both objective and subjective information. Upon completion of the data gathering process, your estate plan will be designed based on your goals and desires. ICON then oversees the document drafting with your attorney and review those documents with you until they are in an executable form. The final step is the transfer of asset(s) to their respective entity.

Business Transitioning Planning

This is the process necessary to help you get from your current operations status to your ultimate succession point. This requires assisting you to create systems and processes necessary within the business to facilitate more effective growth. It includes the organization of an efficient business management team with proper benefits assuring that the team stays intact. This may require the utilization of outsourced experts to ensure that all areas of your financial life work as effectively as possible.

Income Tax & Asset Planning

ICON builds upon current tax planning by working with your CPA to discover planning opportunities to help maximize tax savings. This includes when possible the reduction and/or elimination of ordinary income, capital gains and estate taxes through comprehensive balance sheet and income statement engineering.

Retirement Planning

This area covers qualified, as well as non-qualified, retirement planning for the individual client or for the business owner's employees. This may include defined contribution or benefit plans, salary continuation, deferred compensation or any other conventional retirement planning solutions.
Recommendations are made after careful analysis of your current and future planning needs, goals and objectives.

Tax Exempt Planning

This area includes the analysis and utilization of approved strategies that can help to effectively reduce or eliminate ordinary income, capital gain, and estate taxes. If you are motivated to save taxes, you should explore these options not only for the consequential tax benefits but also for the opportunity to "transfer values" that other planning strategies fail to accomplish.

Legacy Planning

A new level of thought and consideration goes into this final step. Each client is different and has a personal vision of what they would like their legacy to be. ICON works with your other professionals to help effectuate a customized legacy plan for each of our clients and their family. This may include a building's naming rights, a book or a family-made video to be shown at a wedding anniversary party. This is a very emotional and time-consuming process which ultimately may provide the greatest fulfillment.

ICON Wealth & Legacy Partners and Heath Goldman do not offer tax or legal advice. Please consult a qualified tax adviser for tax advice and your attorney for legal advice

Our approach considers every aspect of your financial needs.



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